The Game
by Alyssa

The grasses wave. I hunker down in them, sharply alert. The smell of human is thick in the air. A trainer is wandering through our home again. I pray that he will not catch me. I don't want to be caught. I am wild, and I want to stay that way.

Wild? Am I?

The trainer is leaving now, he's been called back to the human building. I'm thankful. I don't like humans, and I never want to be owned by one. Ever.

But... I think I am owned. I am confined, in a trap more encompassing than a simple catchball. So are all the Pokemon here with me. None of us are free, we are all part of some sick game for the humans' enjoyment.

They don't care about the Pokemon.

Our life is not so different from the life of the outside Pokemon, but there is one important difference. They are free. Some can go their entire lives without worrying about some human stealing them away. Those of us in the game must either hide from the humans or be captured. I hide. I want to keep whatever freedom I still have.

Even though none of us are free.

A kind trainer came through here, once, when I was a young Nidoran kitling. He did battle with two other trainers, not so kind in actions, but with a sadness about them no humans could sense. I don't think they liked their actions. Maybe they were as kind as the night-haired boy. Maybe they were kinder.

I don't know. I might have liked the fire-haired woman or the sky-haired man to own me. If I were to go with any human, they would be the ones I would pick. I cannot decide which one I would prefer... it seems that they are all but one person. One without the other would be nothing.

Much like the species of Nidoran, it seems. The Nidoran females and the Nidorina like myself are nothing without the Nidoran males and Nidorino.

Another trainer? No, just a wind. I can't live in this world any more. I must escape. I tell the other Nidoran, Nidorina, and Nidorino of my plan. They smile and encourage me. They are happy that I will be free. I am sad that they will not.

But soon, I'm digging under the fence. It takes so long, but soon I can crawl under and out. I have escaped. I am no longer part of the game. I am my own Pokemon now.

Yet, it's not as sweet as I expected... maybe I really do want someone. A companion to live with, and travel with, and be with, never being part of the game. Who could I ask for as my human? Who could I want?


Those sad humans, the ones who lost to night-hair boy. With a jolt, I realize that they are the ones I want. They remind me of myself - they hold the sadness of being part of something they have no control over, a fate they do not want. They are in another game.

Perhaps I can free them.

My heart soars as I run away from the game I was once part of, to search for fire-hair woman, sky-hair man, and scratchcat. I feel lonely for my friends back in the game, but there is nothing for it.

And the game will always go on.



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